anal fistula and anorectal sepsis dr cheong wai kit,consultant colorectal surgeon,colorectal clinic@ national university hospital anal fistula introduction anal fistula is a recurrent infection affecting the anus and occasionally the lower rectum. It causes considerable discomfort and disability to the sufferer of this chronic condition. price viagra 5mg australia In singapore, this condition is also known as the 'rat hole' (lao shudong) amongst the chinese community and traditional chinese medical practitioners. side effects drinking alcohol viagra It commonly affects economically active adults in the 3rd to 5th decades of life. cheap viagra Although, anal fistula has been recognized for thousands of years, the treatment of the complex or recurrent anal fistula continues to challenge surgeons till today. do you need a prescription for viagra in england What is an anal fistula? Should take viagra everyday A fistula is a medical term describing an abnormal tract  with two openings (internal  and external) communicating between any two epithelium-lined surfaces. female viagra for sale Therefore, an anal fistula is an abnormal tract communicating between the perianal area to the anal canal and occasionally to the lower rectum. How does it arise? viagra for sale Infection of the anal gland gives rise to anal abscess and unresolved prolonged infection of these anal glands results in the formation of anal fistula (crytoglandular hypothesis). discount viagra generic best price 90% of all anal abscesses result from non-specific infection of the anal glands. Viagra dosage for recreational use We do not know why certain individuals are prone to this infection but approximately 25% to 30% of these patients with anal abscesses will eventually end up with an anal fistula [1]. viagra cheap pills Only people with susceptible anal glands can develop anal abscess and eventually anal fistula. chicago viagra triangle restaurants   issue 5 - article index anal fistula natural history of anal fistula the 'simple' and the 'complex' anal fistula how do patients with anal fistula present? buy cheap viagra How to examine? generic viagra online How to investigate? viagra viagra wiki Principles of management anal fistula in a nutshell get a pdf copy of this issue. viagra viagra wiki To start the download, click here sitemap   copyright 2006 © the colorectal clinic @ nuh design: paa, running: medi-webpage  . buy generic viagra online cheap Esophageal fistula is about 310. Prescription viagra for women The total annual prevalence approximates colon develops a lumen beginning in the region of the duodenum. cheap viagra uk delivery
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